Internet Banching for business Internet Banching for business

Your home Bank

Internet Banking

Internet Banking

24/24 access to your bank account


Account balance ONLINE

No additional programs required

Why Internet Banking from EXIMBANK?

With Internet banking from EXIMBANK you have a personal home bank. Only Internet access is required.

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Transaction history and statements ONLINE
Personal exchange rate offer
SSL login security
Payment Orders planning

When can you make the payments?

Payments via the Eximbank-Online system are carried out from 09.00 - 17.30 inclusive, and are processed on the same day.

Planned payments using the Eximbank –Online system out of the specified period are carried out on the next business day or on another day specified by the client (not more than 10 calendar days).

User access to the Eximbank-Online system is limited during the period of trading day closure (usually between 20.30 - 01.00).


How to register Internet Banking?

You must come to any EXIMBANK branch. Use the map to find the nearest branch.


Need help

For more information, or advise on any operations, please dial 022 301 102, or write to e-mail